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Refund policy

Definition of terms used in this document

“Service” or “services” refers to the technical assistance, and/or the process of providing technical assistance, that FocusMouse offers and any options therein.

“Caller” is any individual or individuals who willingly contact a representative of FocusMouse. Methods of contact include, but are not limited to, telephone, email, and internet chat. Communication of a FocusMouse representative with a “caller” does not imply that any services have been rendered.

“Customer” is any individual or individuals who willingly choose to utilize one or more services offered by FocusMouse.

“Customer” also describes any individual or individuals utilizing one or more services offered by FocusMouse, but who has a “caller” contact FocusMouse to represent them.

“Utilization” or “utilize” is the action of a caller willingly receiving one or more of the services offered by FocusMouse.

“Technology” refers to any desktop computer, portable computer (laptop), tablet or smartphone. Desktop computers typically have a monitor (screen), mouse and keyboard attached to them. Laptops are all inclusive and can also be referred to as a “computer”. Tablets and smartphones are typically mobile devices with a touchscreen running a specific mobile operating system such as, but not limited to, iOS and Android. The term also refers to devices including but not limited to, networking equipment such as routers both wireless and non-wireless, consumer electronics such as televisions, blu-ray players, and video streaming devices.

“Computer peripherals” or “peripherals” are any device that attaches to a computer. Examples include, but are not limited to, printers, scanners, speakers, microphones, cameras, and external storage devices (external hard drives, tape drives, USB drives, etc.).

“Software” is any program that can be placed, installed, and/or used on a computer, mobile phone or tablet device.

Refund policy

The customer bears to the right to receive a refund if the service process has not yet been initiated. This implies that absolutely no steps have been taken by the FocusMouse technician to resolve the customer’s issue or to answer the customer’s question(s). If the customer receives a refund at this time, FocusMouse bears the right to refuse further service to that customer.

FocusMouse provides a “100% money back guarantee” on the initial incident. “Initial incident” implies a situation where a customer is calling in for the first time with a specific computer or technology problem or question(s). It is the responsibility of the FocusMouse technician to resolve the problem and/or answer the question(s) accurately. The technician must be allowed all opportunities to resolve the issue. What is considered “all opportunities” varies depending on the nature of the issue and will be defined at the discretion of a FocusMouse technician, agent, supervisor, and/or manager. If the technician is unable to fully resolve the customer’s’ problem, or answer the question(s) after exhausting all possible methods of a resolution, a full refund may be issued. The customer does not have the option to end support in order to receive a refund prior to FocusMouse finding a solution or exhausting all opportunities to resolve the issue. The support process must be allowed to be fully vetted in order for a refund to be considered, regardless of the reason. In a situation where FocusMouse has resolved at least one (1) issue, even if it was not the initial incident, the money-back guarantee is no longer valid and the customer is not entitled to a refund for any services – either fully or partially.

FocusMouse cannot guarantee the timeframe of how long a refund will take to credit back to a customer’s card. It is typically 5-7 business days, however, FocusMouse has no control over of the time-frame after FocusMouse has processed the refund.

The customer has the option to cancel any recurring support options. A refund for already billed services is not allowed. In the case of a cancellation, the remaining duration of the customer’s service plan will be honored and future billings will cease – the technical support service is then no longer active at the end of the last billing term. FocusMouse does not provide partial or pro-rated refunds for time unused. Refunds are not allowed in cases of a failure to resolve issues outside of the initial billing of any service option.

If FocusMouse determines that an operating system reinstall is necessary to properly fix the issue(s) at hand; a refund will not be provided if the customer chooses not to continue or if the customer does not have proper legal working copies of any software that may be installed on the device or may be required for the device to fully work properly. This includes, but is not limited to, operating systems, drivers, and applications (or “apps”).

FocusMouse must be directly contacted to cancel any ongoing service. A dispute with the customer’s credit card company or bank is not a notification of cancellation nor is it a valid reason for any credit or refund.

FocusMouse reserves the right to cancel, refund or suspend service for any reason. In cases of service cancellations, FocusMouse will fairly assess the situation and provide refunds when appropriate.

Failure of the data backup process, failure of data to be properly backed up, or any other data loss or retrieval issue is not grounds for the refund of any support service.

Failure of hardware, components, and accessories after the initial incident are not grounds for a refund. FocusMouse will continue to support any other current technology or replacement technology. Future forfeiture of any customer hardware is also not grounds for a refund of any service fees paid either fully or partially.

Refund policy

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